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A bucket list…

on April 8, 2012

I saw on Adventures blog the note about a bucket list.  That isn’t something I really ever had sat down to write out because I mainly would just do what ever I wanted to do if it came to mind.  Thinking back over my life when I was young I wanted to play the drums so my parents put me in accordion lessons…STOP!  Ok that in no way looked or sounded like a drum and just because my mom always wanted to play one did not mean I did.  There is no way to look cool playing an accordion, in fact there is no way to sound cool playing an accordion.  Alright so we can at least put music knowledge on the list from this experience.

Next was dance, yes! Cool dance moves, come on rock ya body, oh s&@t you’ve got to be kidding me not ballet!!  My mother picked ballet.  Not only that but she put me in a horrid bright yellow leotard.  I  was beginning to think my mother had a death wish for me. To be bullied is one thing but to be set up for the bullies by your own mother…..

So now I have made it to high school through accordion lessons and ballet, had the bowl hair cut special to save money, clothes home-made that matched my moms ( oh look twins, her dress is just like her mommies) and  wore the dreaded crympalene, had the first jeans bought two sizes too big ” don’t worry you’ll grow into them” (sure if I gain 100 pounds), never had a boyfriend probably because they were scared away.  Am I going to survive lol.

Once again…music class and I see drums,  wishing,wishing, wishing, dang the flute. Ok well it isn’t the accordion and I can deal with that plus I have musical knowledge so I am ahead of the game.  Next is gym class and gymnastics, I like that and the ballet moves came in handy on the floor routines and balance beam.  Highschool is uneventful.  Protective parents keep Rapunzel under  lock and key, to school to work and home, to school to work and home.  No play, no boys, no fun.  Rapunzel stares out the window watching her friends drink and be merry.  So to occupy my time I want to learn how to ride a horse so I take English lessons  from Voortman farms of the cookie maker, yes they lived beside me.  I finished doing jumps 6′ high.  I remember my favorite horse, his name was Colombo.  He was a very large boy but very gentle and smart.  I loved living in the country, it was quiet. Peaceful.

My father always taught me instead of having reasons how something won’t work always have reasons how something will work.

After I left home I have had many accomplishments I’m quite proud of.  I started with accepting the responsibility of my daughter and being a single parent with no other support for three years.  I went back to college during that time and worked.  Then I met my husband in 1993, in 1994 we  were married and in 1995 our son was born.  Our relationship wasn’t perfect and resulted in my self publishing a book called Willow Dreams  on Lulu press.  During the  late nineties I took the kids and we joined karate.  I have a blue  belt in both karate and tai chi through Don Warreners Karate, a provincial first place trophy for kata and provincial second place trophy for sparring.

In 2010 for Christmas I made my dream come true and bought myself a drum set. In January 2011 I started lessons and never looked back.  I performed twice with my teacher and owner of the academy, at the spring concert playing The Beatles Come Together, and at the Christmas concert playing The Eagles Please Come Home For Christmas.

If I was to pick something that I wanted to do I would have to say I would love to be in a band, I guess that is my next accomplishment.  I’m enjoying life,after all this is only the beginning….right?

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